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August 23, 2019

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Superior Production

Pictured: Extruded Activated Carbon (EAC) pellets for adsorption of VOCs & SOCs from industrial gas phase applications

UMI-2000 know carbon! We know how to control the activation process. Critical procedures during the manufacture of our activated carbons are designed to carefully produce a final product of high hardness, low ash, exact particle size and low fines content - we produce activated carbon with superior volume activity, well developed pore structure and exceptional adsorptive capacity. Give us knowledge of your adsorption application and UMI-2000 will select the best activated carbon for your need, match your existing specifications AND deliver GAC/EAC or PAC to your door in a variety of packaging arrangements. We are experienced with bulk pneumatic/ hydraulic transfer and provide consulting services for the reactivation or disposal of your waste carbons at no additional cost. Activated carbon, resins and skid mounted systems are custom manufactured and stocked for timely delivery upon your formal request!